Jae Burnham U Save Moving Status

Does anyone have any updates on Jae Burnhams / U Save Moving Company in Eagle and now Grand Ledge Michigan’s status with regards to him and his moving company legal woes with regards to his illegal activity or his charges he has sustained when he was incarcerated?

Please voice out and link to our blog and be heard!

We the People of Michigan need to stand strong and united and keep people like Jae Burnham in the eyes of the public so as to not be hurt economically or otherwise by his actions on the internet and in our communities.

Thank you for your continued support.

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Welcome to the Jae Burnham U-Save Moving & Storage Forum!

Hello Everyone.

We the People wish to thank you for visiting the blog of Jae Burnham of U Save Moving & Storage.

All topics are on the table for discussion as long as it is factual and has a valid claim of what you depict here in this blog. This blog and its website, are not associated with Jae Burnham himself personally in anyway, but rather this has been designed for everyone to help keep our community informed of this individual and to protect other fellow companies in Michigan or other states.

Thank you for visiting us and feel free to visit our new webpage at www.JaeBurnham.com .

We the People of Michigan hope this information will help benefit you and that your year is a properous one and we look forward to your comments posted here. Feel free to speak your mind and let everyone out there know about our blog here!

Attention Eastern District Federal Court: The website of www.JaeBurnham.com will be updated everyday until this case has been resolved. All information is complete, factual and has been compiled from webpages and / or actions from Jae Burnham himself.

We thank you for your time.

The People of Michigan

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