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Hello Everyone.

We the People wish to thank you for visiting the blog of Jae Burnham of U Save Moving & Storage.

All topics are on the table for discussion as long as it is factual and has a valid claim of what you depict here in this blog. This blog and its website, are not associated with Jae Burnham himself personally in anyway, but rather this has been designed for everyone to help keep our community informed of this individual and to protect other fellow companies in Michigan or other states.

Thank you for visiting us and feel free to visit our new webpage at www.JaeBurnham.com .

We the People of Michigan hope this information will help benefit you and that your year is a properous one and we look forward to your comments posted here. Feel free to speak your mind and let everyone out there know about our blog here!

Attention Eastern District Federal Court: The website of www.JaeBurnham.com will be updated everyday until this case has been resolved. All information is complete, factual and has been compiled from webpages and / or actions from Jae Burnham himself.

We thank you for your time.

The People of Michigan

About Concerned People of Michigan

This is to inform the public that Jae Lorne Burnham of U Save Moving and Storage is in non compliance with federal court orders and we wish at the liesure of free speech let it all out there see what Mr. Burnham has done and what he is doing on the internet against court orders and all of his illegal activity that exists out there. This forum is in no way associated with Jae Burnham himself and in no way does this blog or website of www.JaeBurnham.com endorse him or his actions. This is on display for the Eastern District Federal Court use and is a public forum for people to stay informed of the many areas on the internet of where Jae Burnham operates. You may see more at www.JaeBurnham.com
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11 Responses to Welcome to the Jae Burnham U-Save Moving & Storage Forum!

  1. Mr WordPress says:

    This is the official blog for Jae Lorne Burnham of Grand Ledge Michigan or Eagle Michigan where he resides and his moving company of U Save Moving & Storage The USave Movers U Save Moving Company located in Lansing Michigan area, USave Moving Company or U-Save Moving and Storage and his public issues on display on the internet via federal court, or any other pertinent issues that need to be voiced. Feel free to voice out your opinion of Jae Lorne Burnham here and please be professional, courteous, and polite with your responses. Please keep in mind that this content as well as the website content of JaeBurnham.com may used in a federal court for exhibits and examples of non-compliance and reputation in a court of law.

    But all topics about his actions or inactions are on the table for discussion. Feel free to visit the website of http://www.JaeBurnham.com for more information. In no way are we associated with Jae Lorne Burnham of Grand Ledge himself and all content provided here or on http://www.JaeBurnham.com has been provided by Jae Burnham himself or actions / inactions of Jae Burnham only and this is only a forum to discuss his activities online or in the State of Michigan.

    Thank you for your time and we the people feel your pain of his brutal attacks of slander against you and / or your company.

  2. Josh says:

    I am being ripped off by Jae Burnham. i worked for him for threedays out of state. He is a horrible person. he borrowed all my money and refused to pay me back so i left him in dearborn,mi. Now he is refuseing to pay me what he owes me for labor or what he borrowed. I wish i would have seen this site before i woirked for him. I told to lie to the police if we were pulled over because he didnt have the proper permits. (he did not inform me of this till we were in the middle of ohio)

    • Rob says:

      I was his most recent team lead after Aaron the week before I left to go out of state on an unrelated gig Jae up and fired all of his crew except for myself. Supposedly he hired three new guys when I was out of state…

      I come back after two weekends away and Jae doesn’t return my calls… three more weeks pass and I find out from someone else he’s in jail. I’m interested in any and all information regarding Jae, including any legal actions being taken against him. The man still owes me money as well.

  3. Dave Dunn says:

    Thank God someone gave this loser a taste of his own medicine.I have been a victim of this guy for 2 years now.He continues to make videos of me and my company and post false statements to this day.If you google my business name Advanced Technical Moving you can read all the b.s this guy(Jae Burnham)has posted about me personally and my business.I have a personal protection order against him.We have had our lawyer send him a cease and desist letter.The next step for him,hopefully jail.We know his business is failing.Our company will easily survive this ugly little pest.Spread the word about this monster so he doent continue to harm anyone else!

    Dave Dunn/owner Advanced Technical Moving(248)981-9699

  4. Dave Dunn says:

    Anthony Shotwell(no subject)‎ – my name isnt important what i need to tell you is so that you can get the word out on jae buhrnam … 12:15 am

    Reply |Anthony Shotwell to me
    show details 12:15 AM (11 hours ago)

    from Anthony Shotwell

    dateMon, Jan 31, 2011 at 12:15 AM

    My name isnt important what i need to tell you is so that you can get the word out on jae buhrnam. he is right now this minute in clinton county jail, he stole a license plate off of a tennants blazer and put it on his junk van he then put his plate on the blazer. this was done two weeks ago and the only reason i can think of that he would do this is to avoid police or recognition on this plate so that he could steal something or whatever. well he has no drivers license it IS suspended and has been for some time. he was pulled over and the van was impounded and then this Jae Burnham had the audacity to steal his tennants blazer to run arrands and was pulled over and is in jail for driving on a suspended and stealing a license plate. He was also out on bail awaiting trial for credit card fraud haha this Jae Burnham used a stolen credit card to pay his electric bill. anyway hope you can use this information.

  5. From Admin: The true nature of these facts from the comments posted from other bloggers who are depicted in this blog may or may not be true and cannot be verified at this time by the admin staff of this blog. This is a fair and balanced blog and freedom of speech from all sides is accepted, however if at all possible you should decide for yourself whether or not these stories / comments are true based on the merits of what has been written and what can be proved. However, with the nature of the individual Jae Burnham and his pointless tactics, all that you read should be taken to heart.

    The People of Michigan

  6. Dave Dunn says:

    Well Jae Burnham must still be in jail because he hasnt flagged any of my craigs lists postings and no new youtube videos either!What a relief.

  7. Aaron says:

    Yeah tell me about it, just 2 weeks ago i started to find out all this stuff about Jae. I worked for this guy for the past 8 months and now i think ive seen it all you dont want to get me started he tried to try to bs me a little more than i could take and i came to his shop for my money and he assaulted me and now he has assault and battery charge. In addition to all this, he also called his bank and canceled past pay checks that he had paid me so now me and my bank are suing him for past payroll and all current charges and back charges! So watch out…this guy is a snake…..i got alot of stuff on this guy. Ill be back with more Jae stories later

  8. Greater Michigan Movers, LLC has recieved nothing but problems with guy using our company name and trying to get business. I too am in the process of filing a suit.

    Best wishes to all the legitimate moving companies out there.

    Michael Kuzma, CEO

  9. Thank you for your comments! Anyone who is entangled with Jae Burnham is urged to call the MPSC and submit a carrier complaint form. You may find this on our website at http://www.JaeBurnham.com.

    All licensed movers are urged to spread the word on our blog and website. We the People of Michigan want Jae Burnham to comply with State and Federal Laws.

    Place a link on your website to our website and blog and let everyone know what this unlawful citizen in our backyard has been doing.

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